Delta Finance APY Yield Booster NFTs

Protocol Overview

Delta Finance is an innovative auto staking and compounding de-fi protocol built on avalanche (AVAX) that utilizes a wide range of blockchain technologies such as NFTs, staking with smart contracts and diverse business & tokenomic strategies with the aim to overcome deflation and create a sustainable savings account of the future. Giving the power of finance back to you.

Originally forked from Titano the Delta team have implemented a range of features to the protocol to increase both efficiency and diversification. For a start the team has strategically used a lowered and decaying base APY of 20000%. Another unique standing points for Delta is the protocol pays rewards in 50% $DELTA token and 50% stablecoin. Also increasing sustainability and reducing risk for investors at the same time.

NFT Price & Rarity

The Delta DeFi Yield Boosters are a three (3) tier NFT collection (Total supply of 2475) designed to bring added utility to the $DELTA token, help promote sustainability and give exclusive benefits to early adopters of the Delta Protocol.

Based off energy and radiation the Alpha, Beta and Gamma NFTs each hold three different levels of power. Granting their holders increased APY percentages of up to 4000% on their $DELTA tokens.

Common — Alpha — Total supply 1500

Uncommon — Beta — Total supply 775

Rare — Gamma — Total supply 200

Alpha, estimated $50 & grants +600% APY.

Beta, estimated $250 & grants +1800% APY.

Gamma, estimated $450 & grants +4000% APY

NFT Stacking

The Delta NFTs are designed with the ability to be stacked as many times as you like to increase your bonus APY percentages, but you can only have one of each running at full (100%) capacity. If you buy more than of the same NFT than any additional doubles will run at half (50%) capacity.


If I have 2 Alpha, 3 Beta and 2 Gamma.

My first Alpha NFT will have 600% than my second Alpha will add +300%.

My first Beta will have 1800% my second will add +900% and my third +900% again. (And so on)

My first Gamma will have 4000% my second will add +2000% and my third +2000%.

NFT Minting & Trading

All of the Delta NFTs are minted to and fully tradeable on the Avalanche (AVAX) Network.

To mint an NFT you will need a cryptocurrency wallet set up on the Avalanche blockchain. You will need to purchase and send your needed amount of $AVAX to your wallet before purchasing your NFT. Make sure you have enough $AVAX to cover the cost of your chosen NFT and some extra to pay for gas fees.

Average gas fees on the Avalanche chain range from Fast, 15 Seconds = $0.0172578 to Slow, 3 Minute = $0.01601964

Mint site -

See and Trade your NFT here -

The Future of Delta NFTs

Aside from the coming full launch of the Delta Finance Protocol and the $DELTA token. The team are also discussing bringing further exclusive benefits and utility to the Delta NFTs.

Ranging from private groups and classes to unlockable content and even the possibility of introducing more NFTs to the collection with unique benefits and their own in house NFT marketplace to buy, sell and trade them.

All in all the roadmap and the future direction of Delta Finance, looks to be quite exiting!



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